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Logitech Video Conferencing

With logitech support, we provide comprehensive solutions for small, medium, and large video conferencing rooms. Innovative and easy-to-use ecosystems will help you efficiently and seamlessly conduct any type of hybrid meeting.

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One of the most important elements in video calls is the image. The latest generation of cameras deliver cinematic video quality and detailed images from the farthest places in the room. In addition, some of them have technologies based on RightSight artificial intelligence, which automatically detects and frames meeting participants.


For the largest rooms, Camera Rally will provide up to 15x zoom with a sharp image resolution of up to 4K.

Another important aspect is the sound. Rally speakers deliver crystal clear sound. The Rightsound function built into microphones can detect human speech and remove unnecessary noise from the background.

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Depending on the size and position of the room, we consider the Rally Bar all-in-one panels or the modular Rally System solution. Both options can be expanded thanks to microphone panels with a range of 4.5 meters.


All equipment is very easy to use. By adding Tap IP or Tap USB touch controllers to your system, you can join a meeting with just one click.

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Logitech solutions are compatible with all major platforms such as Zoom, Google Meet and Microsoft Teams.


The free Sync app allows you to control the status of your devices from anywhere, making sure that the video calls run smoothly.

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The Set Up System company will not only help you choose the optimal solution, but will also provide and install it taking into account the specificity of your facility. If you would like to check such a solution before buying, we will invite you to the Logitech showroom in Warsaw, where almost all elements of the Logitech ecosystem are prepared for testing. For a small fee, it is also possible to rent such a kit to your office. If you are interested, please contact us by filling out the form in the Contact section.

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